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Vision and Objectives

Healthy Persons Produce Healthy Families …

Healthy Families form a Healthy Community …

Healthy Communities Constitute a Healthy Nation …

Peace Trust a Non Governmental Organization was formed with the sole aim of serving the under privileged people through a HOLISTIC and meaningful approach. Peace Trust, a registered charitable trust has been working with the socially and economically poor, vulnerable people paying special attention to people to with lifestyle related and stigmatised diseases since 1997 in Tirunelveli District in Tamil Nadu, in South India.

Peace Trust has acted according to needs of the society at any given point of time like when the Tsunami struck the coastal districts of Tamil Nadu in December 2004 or engaging in Prevention Care and Support activities when the HIV situation in the district was growing to alarming propositions since September 2003 onwards. From a very humble beginning, Peace Trust is filling the void felt by the general community at large.


Enhancing the Quality of life of the downtrodden & the under privileged at their door steps at an affordable cost through a holistic approach.


God’s Work Done In God’s Way Will Never Lack God’s Supply …


Is to transcend the Love of God, through a meaningful and HOLISTIC approach and to convey, bestow, sacrifice, heal and live it out for others &.To have a community living in total harmony without any prejudices, cast or religious feelings.

  1. Help people find true Faith.
  2. To have an enabling and conducive environment for people with Stigmatized diseases.
  3. There should no orphans due to HIV/AIDS.
  4. To build a strong and vibrant nation through our youths

Important Relief Activities Undertaken:

  • Serving the general community through Medical Camps, Relief activities and Spiritual nurture
  • Served the people of Gujarat during their massive earthquake
  • Ventured in relief activities when the Tsunami struck the coastal districts of Tamil Nadu
  • Plunged into Prevention Care and Support Activities for HIV infected and affected people in Tirunelveli District
  • Targeted the rural and urban women folk by imparting knowledge on Breast Cancer
  • Providing Institution Based Care and Treatment for HIV Infected Individual