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Ministrial Service

Ministry in Vellanguli:

By God’s grace in the year 1965, Pastor S.Yesudasan, year of 23, accepted Jesus Christ as his Saviour and have regularly distributed tracts from village to village. He faced many challenges in the beginning. The Ministry at Vellanguli started 12 years back and Pastor have been conducting service in a humble manner from rented home. The Villanguli Village is full of Hindu Temples and nobody. Knew much about Jesus Christ, hence this village selected for ministry. In the beginning many opposed, but God made a lot of miracles. After about 6 months, 4 ladies accepted Jesus as their personal Saviour. In the meantime Dr.R.Anburajan had helped by renting out a land in which a small thatched room was built for service. After many hurdles, by God’s grace, we hard started Sunday service in this thatched room. God is good, He is the Victorious Lord. He has done a great thing.

Some ladies accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior and Lord. Though many of their family members were against their decision to Follow Christ, they are growing strong in faith. The word of God that we place in the hands of those who have never heard the Gospel says in Isaiah 65:24, “It shall come to pass that before they call, I Will answerer and while they are still speaking, I will here”.

Now by God’s grace many new people stepped unto the Church through this ministry.
(Recent events in the world have been alarming . Hope it will get us on our knees more often and more fervently.

Ministry of Peramani:

Pastor S.Jesudasan, dedicated his life to God at an young age and according to God’s revelation started his ministry under the name and style of Miracle ministry. He is pasturing a Church in Peramani where he conducts services on Sunday having believers of 25 even while he ministers in many villages.

Ministry in Kirubai Illam:

In Kirubai Illam Orphanage in Naraikinar is having 330 students and for this students there is one chapel where prayer meetings , Sunday services are conducted. the Sunday services is from 8.00am to 10.00am all the students are very much interested to attended the Church services.

Ministry in Peace Heath Centre:

Dr.R.Anburajan, B.Sc., MBBS, DMLS., dedicated his life to God at an young stage. He distributed tracts from village to Village when he was 12years old. After his experience of Salvation, he stated conducting Bible distribution Though his ministry any young people were inspired. when he was a student of Medical College, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays he with his friend had gone for Village Ministry even covered 45 to 50 km on foot. God uses him as a very mighty vessel. He went to many parts of the world for the ministry. He gives counseling on both the spiritual and Physical welfare of person. He has been the medical advisor for many God’s people. The service he has been doing as per the advice of God is something marvelous. He owns a beautiful hospital near the new Bus stand in Tirunelveli with some of the latest facilities available. In this hospital a blessed prayer. Hall is there. Where everyday prayer meeting is going on. Last Friday of every month all willing staff gathered for worship.