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Training Programmes:
We are having rich experience in the field of importing the following training to the needy population. We are having Well experienced Master Trainers, Training Modules and Training Equipments.

1. CME Programme
Continue Medical Education prograwmme for the Doctors and Par Medical staff working in government Hospitals, Govt of India Scheme hospital And Private Hospital located in Sounthern district of Tamilnadu.

2. Counselling Training
Counselling Training pragramme to the People working in Hospitals well as in NGO staff working in Health related Projects in southern Districts of Tamilnadu.

3. Life Skill Education Training (LSE)
We are the bioneer to train the Master Facilitators on Life Skill Education.

4. HIV/AIDS related Trainings
HIV/AIDS Trainings for the NGOs, PVT Hospitals, Government and Quasi Government Organisations.

5. Documentation, Monitoring and Evaluation
This training meant for NGOs

6. Yoga Training
This traing for NGO staff, Life style diseases affected peoples, Industrial Labours and other needy peoples.

7. Children Parliament programmes
For NGO Staff.

Our Master Trainers

  1. Dr.R.Anburajan BSc,MBBS,DMLS,FHM,DFM,FCGP
  2. Dr.S.Murugan MD,DV,
  3. Mr.R.Sudalai Muthu MA,PGDH
  4. Mr.A.Rajakumar Baskar MSW,MPhil,
  5. Mr.J.Johnson MA,MPhil,PGDGC,
  6. Mrs.Kumutha MA,