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The inntegrated Counselling and Testing Centre is a gateway, a one stop shop for a host of related services in HIV/ AIDS Prevention, Care and Support. Treatment services like anti-retroviral Theraphy (ART), diagnosis and treatment of Tuberclosis, testing and treatment for Sexually Transmitted Infections, Reproductive diseases and any other health care requirements that a HIV patient may need are linked by the ICTCs with relevant services.

ICTCs provide psychological support and crisis counselling to people living with and directly affected by HIV. Successful ICTCs promote moving away from high risk behavior and towards sustained behavior changes. Ideally a health facility should have one integrated counselling and Testing Centre for all group of people. Peace Health Centre has been given the due honor of housing an Integrated Counselling and Testing Centre.

The main functions of our Peace ICTC include :

Counselling and Testing, Early Detection, Promotion of behavior change and reduction of vulnerability, linking people with other HIV prevention, Care and Treatment services.