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Kirubai Illam

Kirubai Illam

An abode for the Homeless

Background of the Program:

NARAIKINAR, did have a glorious past. As Historical Records show, Missionaries from England, deeply moved by the backwardness of this poverty-stricken village established the Church Missionary School at Naraikinar in the year 1895.
The following Missionaries had served here along with others.
1919-1951 :Mr.Gander
1957-1977 :Mr. & Mrs. Dharmakkan, Lecturer Hindu College
Since 1978:Mr. Daniel Jesudason & Mrs.Arputham Daniel
Currently, Mrs.D.Beulah Angeline, wife of Dr. R. Anburajan and Managing Trustee of the Peace Trust is the Headmistress of this school of 350 Children.
Even amidst dire circumstances, in the Orphanage and at School, there is a band of the most dedicated Team of Wardens, Teachers & Other Staff, who are working very diligently towards fulfilling the Vision of the Missionaries, who now have attained eternity. KIRUBAI ILLAM believes that a child is a positive asset and a valuable national resource, who ought to be moulded, nurtured and developed with tenderness and care.
Most of the children in Kirubai Illam are from remote villages. This illam aims to reinforce good moral values among the rural kids and also improve the standard of their health and personal hygiene.

Shelter for our Feathered Companions:

Kirubai Illam has not only given shelter to the Orphaned and deserted children but also has been a home for varied species of Birds in specific- Cranes, doves, Parrots, Minas, Sparrows, Peacocks, woodpeckers, king Fishers, owls and Bulbuls.

Anniversary of the Chapel

The “House of God” Chapel was built in memory of Mrs. Mary Alma Macindoe by our ever loving Sister Ms. Shirley Macindoe. The second anniversary of this chapel dedication was celebrated on 8-2-2010. Mr. Ebenezer, GMOA Representative was invited to be our special guest.

Our Vision for every child is life in its entire fullness and our prayer, is for its total success, since memories of a HAPPY CHILDHOOD, are wholly priceless. Kirubai Illam, promotes children’s talents and provides for their education, health and safety, with the principle “Train up a Child in the way, he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from the highest moral teachings and standard which are emphasized”.

Many past students of Kirubai Illam are not only like a lamp set on high but also are fruitful and contributing citizens of the Society.