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Our Trustees

Managing Trustee – Mrs. Beulah Angeline

She is a Headmistress, of a School, Although an Educationist, she has a great burden for the less privileged sections of the community. Her intellect and resources are lavishly, endowed for a more hopeful further of the needy. It must be mentioned that she is the driving force of Kirubai Illam Orphanage, Naraikinar.
Financial Trustee – Ms. Subbu Kutty BSc, MEd,
(Retd School teacher)

She is also an educationist of per excellence. Even through she is born with the Silver Spoon, fame and luxury being at her command, she is an Angel of Simplicity with an aching heart for the have nots. Although, her spouse and children are highly placed, her concern for suffering humanity is highly commendably.


Trustee – Rev. Rajan Edward

Leads a large spiritual flock. His deep sense of spirituality is a beacon light in guiding the destinies of the community we serve. Moving closely with those of a heavy heart and possessing intricate details of human sufferings, his guidance in our work is very beneficial.
Trustee – Mr.Lawrence Manickam BA(Retd Post Master)

Who has turned 73, had served the postal department, as a young man. He had been affected by Cancer, however the Lord in His Mercy, healed him miraculously. Thereupon, he had been retired prematurely. On taking up residence in Palayamkottai, he had served Bethel Welfare Centre funded by World Vision of India and later Bethel Agricultural Fellowship, funded by Red teen kind, Netherland, both as Office Manager.
On being relieved at the age of 65, he joined Peace Trust in the same capacity.
With an inclination to be more relaxed he left our services. Having been an asset, he was chosen to serve as a Trustee.
Ever since he had been touched by The Lord, his one intention is to serve humanity in need, in whatever manner he is able to. He prays to be of service to those in need as long as health and strength permits.