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World Humanitarian Day Commemoration

The term Humanity vividly differentiates mankind from other species. One of the attributes of Humanity is the love and care for fellow men.

The Bible very precisely depicts the picture of love. As you flip the pages of the bible, one question that is being posed to each one of us is “He that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen?”Taking this question into account, Peace Trust has been working for the impoverished since its inception.

Peace Trust which has been involved in zillion numbers of projects specifically for the impecunious ones encompasses a team of relentlessly working staff.

On the 19 of August, 2010, the Staff of Peace Trust took their time off to commemorate the World Humanitarian Day which is being observed as a memorial for the victims of the violence in the war-ravaged country of Iraq.

The commemoration commenced with a prayer song by the Don Moens and Ron Kenolys of Peace Trust. The song led the entire audience to stand enthralled and with heartfelt reverence for the majesty of our Omnipotent, Omnipresent Lord.

After a word of prayer, Dr. R. Anburajan, respected Director of Peace Trust sowed the seed of love in the hearts of all the attendees through his thought-provoking speech based on the chapter of love 1st Corinthians chapter 13.

The day’s meeting was adorned by the presence of renowned dignitaries, with the chief guest of honour being Mr.S.Nadesan, Director, CPE.
Mr S. Nadesan gave an inspirational speech based on the dogma of rendering social service.

Distribution of gifts to the gathered invitees added glitter to the day’s events.

One noteworthy feature was the screening of a short film portraying the rescue of a lady abandoned in the thickets of Perumalpuram, by the altruistic staff of Peace Trust. This act of humanity has not only drawn the attention of the media but also the government officials as well.

The curtains came down with a vote of thanks by Mr.Rajakumar, Assistant Director, Peace Trust.


For weeks the print media had been highlighting the deprived state of Kala, a known HIV+ve patient co-infected with tuberculosis.

When the story of Kala deserted by her husband, and abandoned in the thickets of the suburb of Perumalpuram became the talk of the town, the staff of the Community Care Centre, Peace Trust were the first to rush to the spot to have an onsite assessment of the woman at the behest of Dr.R.Anburajan,a renowned family physician and Director of Peace trust and Peace Health Centre.

So desperate was the state of Kala that she was not only dressed up in rags but was also inflicted upon by the pain of separation from her husband. Her hair had not been brushed and straightened for months together. A pungent unpleasant odour kept emanating from her famished body.

Tears swelled up in eyes of the staff of the Peace Trust on beholding the despair condition of Kala. Moved with compassion, strenuous efforts were taken by the staff to rehabilitate Kala.

Firstly, the ambulance of Peace Health Centre, a multi-specialty clinic, was pressed into service so as to shift her to the premises of Peace Community Care Centre to provide her the required treatment.
Secondly, food and clothing was provided to the frail Kala. Her hair was neatly trimmed and adequate treatment provided.
Kala still remains under the care of the Peace Community Care Centre.

It so happened that Kala was rescued from the threshold of death on the 19th of August,2010, the day on which World Humanitarian Day is commemorated worldwide. Praise be to the Lord on High!

This is not first time that Peace Trust has been involved in such an act of Humanity.

Ms Chottukani from the state of Bihar who had been found abandoned in the busy streets of Tirunelveli was repatriated to Bihar to reconcile with her family, after providing adequate treatment.

A man named Palani deserted by his family, deprived of food was rescued from the streets. Thereafter efforts were taken for the reconciliation of the same with his family after providing the required medical care. Mr Palani was transferred to the care of his relatives in the presence of then collector Mr Prakash.

Another noteworthy act of humanity was the salvage of mentally disoriented, loitering Dr.Pusphalatha, an ophthalmologist, from within the boundaries of the Tirunelveli bus stand. Adequate medical attention and counseling were provided. In due course of time, she regained normalcy. Finally much pain was taken by the Peace Trust for her reconciliation with her husband. Currently she has established her own clinic in Chennai after reuniting with her husband.

Let the torch of humanity shine for all ages to come through Peace Trust. We give the Lord Almighty all the glory, honour and praise.