Alcohol De-addiction

Santhosa Club – An Alcohol Deaddiction Programme
Introduction about the Programme:

‘Santhosa Club’, the title of the programme itself reveals that there is a lack in happiness among the population. It is true that people are infected and affected by various causative factors. Free from disease is not a matter but free or away from happiness is the major problem among the children especially. Parents may bother about their family but the children why should they worry about their fathers? This paper presents the children who are worrying and depressed of their alcoholic fathers and the ways they got sober life.
Happiness is one of the feelings that felt and determined by mental wellness. It was felt that the happy childhood had been affected among the children because of their parents having alcohol dependence syndrome. This leads the children to become unproductive. The children affected by alcoholics at home are restless, isolate themselves, not interactive, slow learner, and innocent victims. So as to bring free, happy and healthy childhood ‘Peace Trust’ implementing the programme called De-addiction with the support of ‘Caruna Bal Vikas called as Indian Compassion’.


  • Fathers will become sober and physically healthy.
  • Families in Tirunelveli cluster will lead a debt free life and enjoy improved status in the community.
  • Children of these families will receive personal care, attention, love & support from the family.

The seven days of the camp programme was named as below:

DAY I                 Self Awareness Day

DAY II                Knowledge Day

DAY III               Realization Day

DAY IV              Commitment Day

DAY V               Wisdom Day

DAY VI              Family Re-union

DAY VII             Entering New Life


  1. De-addiction camps has quit using alcoholic substances
  2. Families started to improve their financial condition by avoiding expenses spent for alcohol
  3. Children in these families living in a peaceful atmosphere and their physical, educational, spiritual and social status have been improved.
  4. Children in these families receiving personal care, love and attention from the parents and improve their social relationship.
  5. Families’ income increased

Orientation Programme

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